From Tunisia to Annaba: a keyboard success story.



It’s 6am!  NO it isn’t! …but it’s time you stop struggling when typing Arabic texts in a usual Latin letters keyboard or need to go online for recognition platforms like Yamli.

This is the story of  Elias Ghérab, that made it all the way from Tunis to Annaba just to catch the 2nd edition of Startup Weekend in the city. Our attendees might know what we’re talking about and recognized the young man with such remarkable haircut, who showed enormous enthusiasm during the three days he stood with us within the event, but Elias didn’t just came for fun and networking because his Startup “It’s 6am” made it to the second place in Startup Weekend Annaba with the great help of his Algerian teammate Antar Zerougui.

It's 6am

Stay tuned to see this keyboard around the market, in which all the Arab letters are in the same button as their phonetically equivalent Latin letter, and catch Elias’ team soon on the crowdfunding platform Zoomal where you can help them build their dream and grow up their business.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen SWAnnaba’s 2nd edition pictures, it’s down here !